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WPC Pitmaster — Complete detailed  information about WPC Pitmaster

Online Sabong is a traditional game with a good ethnic name in many countries worldwide. In recent years, this game has become more popular.

Online cockfighting was launched in the Philippines and gained great popularity in the past few years. Users can earn money when they play the game. The most important and interesting factor is that you can play it from anywhere.

Nowadays, almost all sports games are available online, and like other games, sabong is also available online. This game has been made famous over the world.

This game has become entertaining for everyone since it was started. Players want to experience these types of tournaments on these websites.

In this article, we will tell you about WPC Pitmaster, its online registration, GCash application, playing method, earning money, and many more.

What is WPC Pitmaster?

The word “Pitmaster” comes from the old slave who was an expert rooster. As we know, the pit is a hole, shaft, or cavity in the ground. We use this word because the online sabong is played in the ring called the cockpit.

The newest business of online sabong is named WPC Pitmaster. Moreover, this site covers many online sabong games, events, and tournaments. Many sabong websites now use popped-up ads because the user’s traffic increases on these sites.

Furthermore, all the sabong lovers can spend their free time by watching and playing online batting on their smartphones or computers. This platform now reaches its peak popularity by inviting people from different countries to participate and play the games.


How to register online on WPC Pitmaster?

How to register online on WPC Pitmaster?
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If you want to register on this site, then you must have to follow these given steps:

  • Go to the Google search box and search for WPC Pitmaster.
  • Open the official site and click on registration here.
  • The registration page will be open.
  • Now there are two option which are available for you to register on this site via by mobile or email.
  • You can choose one of them according to your interest.
  • They will ask for the information that you have to put in the given boxes.
  • First, you have to put your name, username, mobile number, password and confirm password.
  • Now, click on the registration option.
  • After some seconds, the process is completed and you are registered at this platform.

As soon as you registered at this site, you are enabled to get bonus of 30%. Moreover, you can fill your account by using Live Gcash app of Pitmaster.

What do you know about Pitmaster Live Gcash App?

Pitmaster Live Gcash App
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You may be to play the live sabong game using the GLife application WPC Pitmaster. The one and most important thing is required to verify you is that you are over the age of twenty-one, 21. GCash has the strict know-your-costomer (KYC) rules and regulations which are required by BSP. That’s why, think two times before to game the system.

Before recharge, you must have to wait for a tournament. You can also check the betting schedule section if it is available. There is almost one event with hundreds of rounds every day. So, you can bet on each match.

Usually, downtime activities are performed in the morning. However, the classical hours are 8 AM to 5 PM.

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How can I earn more money by using WPC Pitmaster site?

Choose a recharge amount by clicking on the top-up button. This point has the worth of one peso. You can always add amount in your GCash account by using the cash-in channels.

Make sure that you have enough money on first hand. Since the sum will be taken away from your GCash balance.

Limitations for Cashing, Upgrading, and Transaction:-

Please keep in mind that GCash has the transactions issues as it restrict transaction. It can be stated as cashing in means that cash going into Gcash and topping up which means that money go into Pitmasters from Gcash. They both considered to be input and output limits.

Like others, WPC Pitmaster also has its own limitations. PHP 100k, PHP 200k, and 1 top-up per minutes are allowed per transaction and event, respectively.

You can see it on the home page of WPC Pitmaster. Once you can select it and verified the WPC Pitmaster registration.

How can you play in WPC Pitmaster?

How can you play in WPC Pitmaster?
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If you are registered or log in to this site, then you can play otherwise not. When you are registered, you can hold a live bet. When you click on the play, you must go to the live WPC site.

After log in to this platform, you will be able to watch and play the live matches and place the live bets on “Meron”, “Draw”, and “Wala”.

You can place the bets by using your balance that has been topped up.

The minimum recharge amount that is required to place a wager is PHP 100k. And the most you can wager is 20k. If the cock that you are selected to bet wins the bet, then the amount that you win will be credited to your account.

Is it legal to use WPC Pitmaster?

WPC Pitmaster works within the legal work of the government. This game is originated in the Philippines. This site is fully legal, licensed, and safe by PAGCOR.  You just need a GCash app and account to place a live wager. It provides you with the live cockfighting, roosters, and betting streaming.

Final Thoughts:-

The WPC Pitmaster live is one of the most secret gambling games or site in the GLife. If you want to join, firstly confirmed Gcash and you are at least 21 years old. Making money and topped up are the requirements to click on the button.

Moreover, it is legal and safe to use in the Philippines. Now anyone can wager on the sabong games without visiting the off-track betting centers. Each and everything is simple and easy to use.

In addition, this articles covers all related questions or queries of users to understand WPC Pitmaster. As it tells you about its registration, playing method, earning process, and many more.


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