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In this article, we will tell you about the Sw418 sports game. So, read this article carefully and get detailed and complete information.

Sw418 is an online platform that allows you to watch and play the cockfighting game at any time and from anywhere. So, if you are a person who loves to enjoy watching and playing fighting games, then you are at the right place.

SW418.com sabong originated from the country of the Philippines. But many countries don’t allow using these sites and playing these games.

Playing games gives us not only a lot of fun, but also creates money by playing games. As well as playing, cockfighting provides us with a lot of fun. It is the best platform for a good gaming experience.

What is Sw418?

Sw418 is a well-known and famous online gaming site that provides cockfighting games and many others. It is well-known that it provides titles you cannot find on any other site.

Furthermore, this site becomes the source of income for its players and users. Now, the question is, how can the players earn money by playing on this site?

This site first requires players to visit the site. So, to visit this site, you must click on this link, https://www.s418.live/. After that, you must register on this site and log in. Now, you access the live dashboard of the Sw418, where the many games list is available.

From here, you can select the game that you want to play. In addition, the player who wins the live bet cockfighting is awarded the prize of money and receives GCash. It is similar to getting cash by playing games.

What is GCASH:-

What is GCASH

GCash is the Philippines mobile service wallet and banking service, as it is previously said that watching and participating in the live SW418.com games seeks you to earn money. It is one of the best and most legal ways to receive cash.

Features of Sw418:-

Every site has its own unique features and advantages, whether this site is physical or digital. If you talk about the features of Sw418, this site has many qualities.

Here, we will tell you about the different benefits of this site that make it easy to use. Some features of SW418.com are the following;

  • Sw418 is an online site that is very user-friendly. The layout of this site is straightforward to use.
  • Moreover, this site has proper security highlights that make the game secure and safe.
  •  This site has a simple registration method. You just have to click the “sign up” button and fill out the form.
  • You are successfully registered.
  • The site of holding a cockfighting game differs significantly from other games.
  • With site security, all your information and data also save and secure.
  • It is a legal site that lets you win money prizes in case of winning the game.
  • You can watch here your favorite cockpits and fights.
  • Your account information is completely safe.
  • The live dashboard provides you with a list of games and upcoming events.
  • So you don’t miss any matches.
  • You can receive the GCash by winning the game.

How to make an account on Sw418 Sabong:- 

Registration method:-

sw418 Registration method
Source: sw418sabong

Sw418 is a webpage that allows us to make an account or register ourselves. If you want to watch and play cockfighting games, then you have to make an account and register yourself on this site.

If you don’t have an account on this site, follow all the instructions step-by-step.

  • Foremost, Go to the Google search box and search for the official site, https://sw418.com.
  • Or you also type the SW418 login sabong.
  • Click on the “Create an account Button.”
  • Now, the next page is shown to you where you have to give all the details which are required.
  • Give your username, strong password, and real mobile number.
  • Create a strong password that cannot be leaked.
  • After completing it, click on the sign-up button.
  • Congratulations! You are automatically logged in to this site.

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How To Login Sw418?

Login Sw418
Source: landscapeinsight

You can take part in cockfighting and sports games with the Sw418 site. This site and the cockfighting matches are popular in the country Philippines.

To log in to SW418, you have to give your personal information.

After giving your personal information and contact data, you will be required to put in a strong one-time password.

The code will be sent to you via mobile number or email. You can now use your account of SW418.com.

Pros and Cons of Sw418:-


  • This is a secure and legal site.
  • Your all personal information and data are safe and secured.
  • The live dashboard of this site is updated regularly and informs you of upcoming matches and events. So, you don’t ever miss any game.
  • When you are logged in to your account, then your online activity is validated by the message sent to the site.
  • This site allows you to live broadcast of games.


  • There are many reviews on the internet about this site.
  • The domain is fresh.
  • Website is also fresh.
  • Contact information is missing on the website.
  • The website is new and young.
  • All the information and data are not available at the site.
  • The investment of money for placing or participating in the live game may lead you to be scammed.
  • There is a risk of lose of money on this site.
  • You are not sure that you will win the game and earn the money from the game.

Is Sw418 site legal to use or not?

Is Sw418 site legal to use or not?
Source: infotainmentbeats

Sw418 is popular and familiar site all over the world for its game lovers, like cockfighting. Moreover, this website offers many benefits, such as money rewards. But this make us confused about the legality of the site that is it legal or not.

It is very difficult for us to decide whether this site is legal or not. Because we don’t fount any detailed information of privacy, security, and legality about it.  

There are the following factors that make gamers doubtful.

  • There is no more information on the live dashboard of the Sw418 that makes player’s question clear.
  • This site offers the money prize for those gamers who win the live bet or game, it makes players doubtful about its security and legality.
  • This site domain is new and almost one year ago it is organized.
  • So, this site is new and young, that’s why users also get not any authentic privacy.
  • It is not listed in the Trust Pilot, that is considered as one of the most great source of locating the rating of the website.

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Is Sw418 a Good Contribution?

Is Sw418 a Good Contribution?
source: panalo999slot

Sw418 is famous all over the world due to its unlimited features of entertaining the users with cockfighting games. It is a type of tournament that is held in a pit ring, which is also called cockpit.

It is best site for making money by participating in the live events. It has the feature of GCash. It is a type of award that you can achieve by winning the tournament. Because of this money award, people are confused to believe on that types of sites.

There are the few realities that we are discussed below will help you to quickly understand the concept of Sw418. And also tell you that whether it is a worthy site or not for you?

So, we conclude that the Sw418 login page has not the proper details and information. Moreover, there is no proper information about Sw418 on the trust pilot site. Trust Pilot is the great and most famous way to find reviews.

How to Make Money by using Sw418 site?

Now, in the present age, money is a basic need for every person in the world. As we will read that this site is a source of making money. So, now we will discuss that how can we earn and make money by using this site.

You can earn or make money from this site by different methods, which are listed below;

Win GCASH Prizes:-

GCash is the banking service. You will get the GCash prize if you access this site, invest money, take part in the game, and win the game. But first you have to win the game.

Challenge to play the bet to win the Money:-

Sw418 is a site that provides you with broadcasting cockfighting. So, it is possible to invest and take a risk of winning the game and money prize.

This game is legal in some countries and in other countries it is not legal to use. Such as in the Philippines it is legal and in the United States it is not legal.

Moreover, Islamic Countries consider it illegal way of making money. But if you are live in the Philippines and Indonesia, then you can challenge the players and win the game.

Application of Sw418

Sw418 site has the main feature of provides its application for the Android and iOS users. It means that players can use this application on both mobile phones and tablets.

Further, it is free to use, you don’t have to invest any amount to access this app. This site has the latest version of app in market. And this free version is also available for downloading.  You can download it from play store and Google play.


There are the few online platforms that offers cockfighting games to play and enjoy. SW418.com is one of them from these sites. This site offers a wide range of games to play to the users.

Sw18 is an online platform that provides you with the cockfighting and other kinds of games, events, and tournaments. It is the site to win the money awards. For this reason, many people from over the world want to play this game.  

Moreover, we cannot say that the users waste their time in case of paying the games. Because this site provides its users with in-gem rewards in addition to money.

In this article, we covered all the other points, such as its features, registration method, login process, pros and cons, earning method, legal or not, and many more. We hope that this article is enough to provide you the whole information about Sw418. Thanks to visit and read our article.

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