Far Cry 6 Cockfighting

What Is Far Cry 6 Cockfighting? Location And How To Win Cockfighting In Far Cry 6

The Basics Of Cockfighting In Far Cry 6:-

The first thing that you must have to know is what cockfighting is. So, cockfighting is a game held between two roosters to fight against each other in a ring called a cockpit.

You have to be very careful while taking part in the games because your single step has a long-term effect. It means that you will have to save yourself from each difficulty.  

Unlike other fighting games, there is no spam in this game. Rather, you have to use bypass with each move.

In this game, you have three options to attack; including a short attack, a far attack, and a jumping attack. Each of these attacks has its own good.

1. Far Attack

Far Cry 6 Cockfighting

A far attack has a long land up and long-term. It is best for you if you can spread out your foe accurately. You can use this attack if the distance between you and the CPU is long. Because they lose their buttons in their long startup.

Do not try t back step the far attack because its range is far that it will pick you in any way.

2. Jump Attacks

  Jump Attacks

Jump attack is the best way to pick up the opponent fellow. It has a short-term range than a far attack. But this attack has a good startup than the far attack.

Before jumping down your rooster first float in the air. You can slap it quickly when your rooster gets jumped down. If you want to save yourself then take a back step to the side left or right. In this way, the jump attacks can not hit you.

3. Gallo Super

 Gallo Super

Gallo Super attack is just like the jump attack.it is made by making up your temper meter. It has not been as long range as you think. You can use yourself to make an example for your opponent’s attack.

This attack has a lot of disadvantages, so you can use it either to pick up or to win.

What is Far Cry 6 Cockfighting?

Far Cry 6 has a good collection, such as Cryptogram chests and roosters that are used in cockfighting for the cockfighting players. The cockfighting ring is situated in the Madrugada region at Montero farm.

Many cocks are found in different regions around Yara, and some other roosters are present for purchase in the Ubisoft Connect Store. Moreover, cockfighting in Far Cry 6 allows players to control their roosters.

Furthermore, each rooster can be placed in the cockfighting list and menu that anyone can be viewed.

How To Get More Roosters in Far Cry 6?

There are nearly nineteen 19 roosters in Far Cry 6. And from them, only thirteen 13 can be found around Yara. Further, the remaining six 6 are available for purchase with the unit in the Ubisoft Connect Store.

You can find roosters before or after hitting Far Cry 6.

How to win Cockfights in Far Cry 6?

To play cockfighting in Far Cry 6 is very easy to start, use, and win. But not all time, it is easy to use and play. In some situations, you have to pay a little more attention to go through all the difficult strategies and use all the tips to pull off your rooster.

As we discussed earlier, there are three types of attacks; short attack, long attack, and jump attack. You can select one of them and your rooster can move in any direction.

The best game plan for cockfights is to bet your foe by attacking you first and jumping backward, then go to long-range or jump attack to kill.

Locations of Rooster in Far Cry 6:-

  • El Rato:  The first poultry this is located beside the cockfighting ring in Montero Farm.
  • El Aguila: The rooster is at the top of the mountain in Serpentino Park which is near the Cortina River. So, the players can fly there easily with a Far Cry 6 HYPERLINK “https://screenrant.com/far-cry-6-unlock-wing-suit-guide/”‘s Wingsuit.
  • El Dorado: The “Spur of the Moment” is the man near the cockfighting ring gives a mission. The rooster in inside the bunker. So, players will be able to access the bunker after accepting the side quest.
  • Acero: This rooster is on the eastward side of Verdera that is on the roof of a shack.
  • Papacito: We will find this rooster in the chicken coop, In Castillo National Zoo.
  • La Muerte Negra: This rooster is in one of the animal pens at the western edge of Segundo.
  • El Pico: There is a plant with a dead pig at the chicken farm south of the Botanical Gardens.
  • El Fénix: This rooster is found in the west of Muerte Point in the gated area in a stable.
  • La Bala De Plata: This rooster is found on Álvarez Farm on Vacia Coast, the back of a cart that is filled with many plants. Hermoso: Go to Bonilla Farm in western Savannah Fields and find the rooster in the pen.
  • El Gallo Magnifico: We can collect this rooster during the “Everything to Lose” mission. A key will be given to the players to open the house near the rooster. And this key can be used on the door to go to the rooster.
  • El Huevo: We will find out this rooster in Mirador Cape On the Cliffside of Local la Joya PEP Offices. You can get into the opponent building by shooting at the lock of the door or by climbing in the roof.  
  • La Bestia Blanca:  It is the last cock that is found in the Esperanza which is inside the Cases del Lodo Residences. The roosters can be gathered during the “The last one to leave” gems hunt.

The final thoughts:-

Based on the fighting games, it is the game that places a variety of roosters in one-on-one battles. Moreover, in this article, we have discussed all other aspects of this game, such as its basics, attacking types, roosters range, winning tips, roosters location, and many more.

We hope that this article will help you in understanding each and every thing about Far Cry 6.


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