Cockfighting in Mexico

Cockfighting in Mexico – Complete detailed information about cockfighting in Mexico

Cockfighting is a sport that is legal in many countries, including the Philippines. It is a game of placing two roosters in a ring called a cockpit to fight each other.

Animal rights and their welfare normally consider this game a blood sport. Because in many conditions, it is a part of the physical accident of the cocks.

The cockfighting journey in Mexico from November to June equals almost 7 to 8 months. Cockfighting is illegal in many countries, but it is a good pass time in Mexico because of the fight between the roosters.

Cockfighting is an important part of Mexico’s tradition. It is a part of Mexican culture. This sport game is illegal in Mexico City but is usually legal in other states of Mexico. These Mexican states, including Baja California, play cockfighting games as a source to persuade American visitors.

More than a century ago, cockfighting became a sports game when the farmers started fighting gamecocks. In the Philippines, the cockfighting game lets the country earn revenue by regulating like other gambling games.

Here, we like to share a bad incident of cockfighting in which a rooster attacked its owner during a cockfighting game in Mexico. This attack leaves some deep slashes in his leg.

We can be seen in the video of the attack that blood is streaming and flowing onto the sand. Then the injured person gives to the medical hospital at the illegal cockfighting venue in Villa de Alveraz.

This video shows us that the two men holding their roosters in a pit encourage them before the fight to play well. When the roosters are placed, live in a pit to fight each other, at once one of them attacks its owner and injures him.

When his opponent tries to fight with it, the owner picks up his bird and goes away. In Nayarit, the state of Mexico, cockfighting is legal and allowed by the government. The promotors and developers travel between the different cities where local communities like to watch almost 30 fights per event.

Young children and families also attended this sport game. However, most men attend and bet on the birds recognized by the red or green mark.

Each bird or rooster whose ready to fight is designed and weighed according to the class to fight in. Live bets are placed, and these are based on the breed and owner. The local cockfighting consists of blades attached to the birds’ legs, making the fight very mortal.  

The cocks are just like the professional sportsmen whose priority is just to attend events or shows. The cocks are determined. Betting are normally held at the result of match. It is not sure that all the fights take cocks to the death.

The roosters may face physical injury, such as broken or punctured legs, wings, and cuts on the body. Some fights end with these injuries, but some ends with broken necks due to loss of blood. Or many ends with death also.

I am sure that you have never watched anything like this in the America that “the young Mexican wear the cowboy cap and hold a Pacifica in his hand and said to me. It is a very hot night and the air holds the smell of blood, wetness, and beer.

Conclusion:- Cockfighting in Mexico

The cockfighting is taking place in the small place of Puerto de la Lima that is almost about 120n kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta. This match is full of local Mexicans that accept that they are friends of mine. They respect people of the community where the match is held.

The cockfighting lovers love the fight, and they react in a same way as the audience I just have seen at prize boxing events. They tell about the ways, manners, strategies, point out littleness in the fighters and they show a good excitement. They are very happy when the winning cock wins over the loser one.

Moreover, in this article, we have tried to cover all the information about cockfighting in Mexico with its legality and occasions. We hope that this article must be helpful for you to understand all things.

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