Cockfighting Blades

Cockfighting Blades — The information that you must have to know

Cockfighting is a well-organized and old-age practice in which the players select two or more roosters for entertainment and gambling, held in an enclosed ring called a cockpit.

These roosters are bred and used to increase their stamina for betting. These roosters are also called gamecocks. The typical game of cockfighting starts and last from a few minutes to go more than half an hour.

This game usually results and lasts over in the death of one rooster or maybe both. It is confirmed that one rooster or both can get injured and hurt during a fight.

This game is illegal in many states, including the District of Columbia.

This bad behavior is considered illegal and prohibited in 39 to 43 states.

In addition, cockfighting is also termed as sabong, and is a popular pass time in the Philippines. And there both legal and illegal cockfighting exists.

What is a cockfight blade?

The cockfighting blade is a sharp razor steel blade that is also called a gaff. It is almost three inches long and curved and tied to roosters’ legs.

Moreover, these blades are too much sharp and harmful to use, even cock fighters or roosters themselves have been injured, hurt, and killed if they are accidentally touched with them.

Types of blades:-

There are two cockfighting blades that are used in the cockfighting of the Philippines.

  • Single-edged blade (used in derbies)
  • Double-edged blade

Types of cockfighting or sabong games:-

The cockfighting or sabong has two types;

  • Gaffed
  • Ungaffed

1. Gaffed:-

In this type of cockfighting, The razor-sharp blade, about 3 inches (7.62 cm) long, used to tie the bird’s legs, is so sharp-edged and dangerous that cock fighters themselves are killed accidentally.

As this type of cockfighting game uses sharp blades, so it is dangerous and bloody for cock fighters because this leads to injury or even death.

Philippines cock fighter gaff called “Tari” is usually hitched on the left leg, on very rare occasions right gaffing is used. This type is very popular nationwide.

2. Ungaffed:-

Ungaffed cockfighting is safer than gaffed because, in this type of fight, no sharp blades are used, so chances of injury and death are very minimal for animals.

Ungaffed betting was common in Mindanao. In Southern. Philippines cockfight aficionados call it  “Parawakan”.

What are the benefits of cockfighting?

Cockfighting has a lot of benefits, which are given below;

  • Way to earn money
  • Potential income support
  • Nutritional value
  • Source of fun and entertainment
  • Space for the people to engage with them
  • And many more.


As we know, Cockfighting is the type of gambling that is held in the country Philippines or also in the Indonesia. It is leading to place the two cocks in the pit called cock pit.

In this article, we have tried to tell you about cockfighting, its types,  blades, benefits, and many more. We hope that this article will fulfil your requirements that you want to read about the blades of cockfighting.

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