BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error

Ways To Fix BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error – How to fix


Are you a Borderlands 2 enthusiast who loves to mod the game? If yes, then you must be familiar with BLCMM, the Borderlands Community Mod Manager.

It is a popular tool that allows players to create and apply mods to their game. However, sometimes when using BLCMM, users may encounter an error known as the “BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error.”

This error can be frustrating and prevent you from enjoying your favorite game with mods. In this article, we will discuss what this error is and provide some tips on how to fix it so that you can continue modding without any hassle.

What is the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error?

The BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error is a common issue that occurs when trying to use the Borderlands Community Mod Manager (BLCMM) tool.

What is the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error?
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This error prevents users from accessing certain features of the tool and can be frustrating for those who rely on it for modding their Borderlands game.

The error is usually caused by an issue with the hex editing process, which is necessary for using BLCMM.

There are several ways to fix the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error, including using the Borderlands Hex Multitool, which tends to work best with the BLCMM application [1].

Another method involves opening the file named willowinput.ini located in documents/my games/Borderlands 2/willowgame/config/ and searching for the file named [Engine.Console] with CTRL + F [2].

It’s important to properly follow these steps to ensure that you can use BLCMM without encountering any errors in the future.

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How to fix the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error

If you are experiencing the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error, there are a few ways to fix it. One solution is to use the Borderlands Hex Multitool to manually edit the hex code.

Another option is to install Java manually, as this can sometimes resolve the issue. Additionally, you can try reinstalling BLCMM or waiting for an update that may fix the problem [2].

It’s important to note that before attempting any of these solutions, you should ensure that you are running the official version of Borderlands and not a cracked version.

This can sometimes cause issues with modding tools like BLCMM [2]. By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error and continue enjoying your favorite Borderlands mods.

Tips to avoid the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error

 avoid the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error
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To avoid the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error, it is important to ensure that you are using the official version of Borderlands and not a cracked one.

Additionally, keeping your BLCMM tool updated can also help prevent this error from occurring. It is also recommended to install Java manually and perform hex editing carefully to avoid any mistakes that may cause the error.

Finally, if you encounter the error despite taking precautions, waiting for an update or manually hex editing your game may be necessary [,,].

By following these tips, you can minimize the chances of encountering the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


In conclusion, the BLCMM Hexedit Executable Error can be a frustrating issue for Borderlands players who want to customize their game experience.

However, with the right knowledge and tools, it is possible to fix this error and get back to enjoying the game.

By following the steps outlined in this article and taking preventative measures such as backing up files and keeping software up-to-date, players can avoid encountering this error in the future.

With these tips in mind, players can continue to enjoy all that Borderlands has to offer without any technical difficulties getting in the way.



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